Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why I love etsy

There are so many reasons, but here are the two latest:
1) Clint got me this scarf from Michelle Brusegaard's shop (click here) for my birthday. Isn't it beautiful? I'm going to wear it tomorrow with jeans and a white t-shirt. I can't wait. It's lightweight jersey, screenprinted by the artist herself. It's really long and very soft. I LOVE it! Thanks, Clint.

Photo courtesy Michelle Brusegaard

2) I bought this print for Clint for his birthday from Irene Suchocki (click here), but after I spent all that money on his GUN, I decided to keep it for myself. It was always for me anyway, though, wasn't it? It's called Another Green World and printed on metallic paper. The color is so vivid and rich, isn't it? I can't decide where to put it in the living room. If only my husband would get busy finishing our bookshelves and mantle, I'd know how much space I have. But check out Irene's shop. She has so many beautiful photos; you'll love her interpretations of landscapes, flora, and Paris. So many of them have a lyrical, dreamlike quality. I wish I had more money and a few more walls.

Photo courtesy Irene Suchocki


alli michelle said...

How exciting! You'll have to tell me your username sometime so we can view each other's favorites. I can't wait to see the scarf in person, I love Michelle's shop. Good job Clint!

Kir said...

And thank you, Alli, for showing me both these shops. I think all my favorites right now are the ones you sent me. :)