Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And the icing on the cake (actually, there isn't any) (it's an idiom)

The problem with having our birthdays a day apart is the cake. Do we want to be extravagant and have two different cakes? Since Clint decided on something that I find particularly delicious--much more so than carrot cake--I graciously agreed to share our cakes this year. Probably didn't hurt my decision making process with the thought that due to my allergies, I haven't run in about a month. I don't want to have to work off two cakes. Plus the bread pudding with creme anglaise we made on Sunday. A few bites of that are in the fridge too. (blissful sigh).

Birthday candles and the cake:
Williams-Sonoma's Flourless Chocolate Cake with fresh whipped cream
and raspberry glaze.
Does it get any better? I'm asking you.


Gretch said...

Is that Gretch-friendly cake?- she asks.

Amber said...

I have never made flour-less cake, how was it?

Kir said...

The cake is really good; it has ground almonds and lots of eggs (sorry Gretch), so it is somewhat like a sponge cake in texture, but much more dense.