Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer thoughts

It seems that my motivation to get things done is indirectly related to the amount of time I have in which to do them. What I mean is this: during the school year, I have a limited amount of time in the evenings to keep up with housework, make dinner, and hang out with the family. But somehow, I get it all done and still have time to read, write and create.

So it would seem that during the summer, when I have all flipping day, I would be a dynamo of work. Right? Wouldn't that make sense? And in April and May, I always set goals for my summer vacation, goals which are really not beyond reach. However, despite my best intentions, I find myself frittering away my days, and by the time I go to bed each night, I am really not certain at all how I've spent my day.

Here is what I think happens:

1) Instead of waking up before six (like I do during the school year), I luxuriate in the bliss of summer and sleep till 8: two hours lost to snoozing.

2) Instead of showering, dressing, and drinking my coffee on the go, I leisurely sip my way through a cup or four whilst reading a book: two hours lost to sipping and reading.

3) Then I feel guilty about slobbing around in my PJs, so I take a shower and get dressed. By now, it's time for lunch.

4) Eat, do dishes, think about dinner, look at the dust on the piano and think about waiting one more day to tackle house cleaning. Now it's after one.

5) I look at the clock and spend maybe 1/2 an hour wondering where the day has gone, then check my email, facebook, think about whether anything interesting has happened that could be blog worthy. But nothing has because I'm not doing anything.

6) Spend the rest of the day reading guiltily, thinking about all those goals I created in the spring, deciding to get to them after I clean the house.
7) Stay up late because it's summer vacation and I think it's a little sinful to watch the hour hand tip past eleven. Result: sleeping later the next morning.
Well, I finished cleaning today, and I have taken a shower and gotten dressed (and I know, it's lunch time). So I'm going to look over those goals after I feed the masses. And I will start one of them today. Or maybe think about it while I'm baking outside watching Clint help Tony and Anne build a tree fort. Drrg.


Adams Clan said...

Kir this sounds just like my days!! My aunt once told me that if you want something done you need to ask a busy person. She had made the same observation ~ she got more done the busier she was. Too true!! Have a great not busy summer!!

Jolyn said...

Sounds like us, too, unfortunately! We have huge mental lists of all the things we want to get done during the summer - but the days get lost by taking our time. Plus, there are picnics, playgrounds and zoo trips, visiting the grandparents, VBS and so on. It's July already and what do I have to show for it? Not a whole lot. But we're alive, healthy and happy. I suppose that must count for something!