Friday, June 19, 2009

Another goal

Here is what I am going to do this summer (and I WILL accomplish them all, bwah-ha-ha):

1) send out a query letter each week (or more) for A Minor Revolution
2) create, sign, and address birthday cards for everyone on my list--for the NEXT WHOLE YEAR
3) start my etsy shop FOR REAL
4) read at least 5 "literary" books, not just fun stuff (any suggestions?)
5) blog about every book I read from now on (maybe an online journal like this will be easier to keep)
6) work out at least 4 days each week
7) anything else?


Tammy said...

Ambitious. All that plus super mom. You go Kir! Pardon my ignorance...what do you mean by "minor revolution"?

Kir said...

The novel I wrote for my MFA...