Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Wrapping

I'm a girl who likes surprises. Even if I have suspicions about some of my presents, I ignore them because I love the unexpected. 
When it comes time for Christmas, I like to impose my desire for surprise on my children and husband too. If their presents are just lying under the tree nearly labeled days in advance, they spoil my surprises with surreptitious squeezing and shaking. 

So, a few years ago, I came up with yet another cunning and ingenious plan: each present is tagged with a clue--a clue about both the contents and the recipient. 

This way, they can squeeze and rustle to their devious little hearts' content...but at least I know they DON'T know whose presents they are guessing about. 

Plus, it forces us all to slow down and enjoy the morning as we try to figure out who each present is intended for. And, to make matters even more exciting, I usually forget what most of my clues mean by Christmas morning. So, it has been interesting sometimes--like when Jonah unwraps a cute little nightgown or when Jared unwraps a beastly long hunting knife. 
But it all gets sorted out in the end, and we have a lovely time laughing together on Christmas morning. I just hope the game brings as much joy to my family as it does to me. 
Of course, I must acknowledge that it is a serious possibility it may also have the unintended side effect off making my children doubt Mother's mental acuity, but what's Christmas without at least one nutty person? Not fun, that's what.