Thursday, June 4, 2009

If you know Jonah...

It has been twice now that I've wished I didn't send our camera to Chicago with Lauren. But I'm sure she's making good use of it; hasn't dropped or lost it; is taking pictures to spur memories.
Because I want to show you what Clint got me for my birthday, but even more, I want to show you what I just found on the couch.

You know Bubbles, the forty inch tall stuffed lamb? The one Jared sleeps with? (PS: Bubbles is getting old, and he's developed a probably fatal hole over his heart)

And you know Big Elmo, the thirty inch tall--uh--Elmo? The one Jared also sleeps with?

Well, when I went downstairs to help Clint serve up my belated birthday cake, I found this tableau.

Picture this:

Big Elmo and Bubbles are sitting at opposite ends of the couch, facing each other.
Big Elmo has a Nerf dart gun pointed right at Bubbles.
Bubbles has a dart stuck deep in the hole in his chest, and the red socks Jared wore today are tucked neatly around the dart. They look like fabric blood.

Who is this kid?


Elizabeth said...

You have to give him points for creativity!

Ilona said...

the jonah one is for me? I love it!....I can picture him hiding....shaking with mirth, waiting for someone to happen upon it....

but I love the scarf & picture too, it that is the one you were referring to...

Quentin said...

Who is he??
He's a genius!!

That was too funny!