Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Older and wiser

There is much widom that comes with age; I know that to be quite true. Learned it, in fact, today.
For the same reason that prompts wives to vainly hope that their husbands will read their minds and get them the lingerie/book/box of chocolate/dress/handbag they've been craving, in my foolish younger years (when I was but a wee lass of 32--and in many of the years before that) I did not tell anyone when my birthday was approaching. This year I tried a different tactic.
I have been reminding my friends and students for, oh, something like a month. For the last week, I have started each class with "Today is my last Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday(etc) of being 33." They caught on quickly.
And you know what? In terms of well wishing, today was the best birthday I've ever had. Check this out:
--by 7:00, I had hugs and kisses from my husband and children
--by 8:00, at least 30 teenagers had wished me a happy birthday
--by 9:00, I had opened a birthday card from my favorite English teacher (thanks, Amy)
--by 10:00, I had served chocolate cake, made by one of my students (thanks, KC) to surprise me, to my third hour class
--by 12:00, I had been visited by Gretchen (what a cool surprise!) with an iced coffee and biscotti
--by 12:15, I had been sung to by my homeroom class
--by 12:30, I had served brownies, made by another pair of students (thanks Myria and Kyle) (another surprise) to my homeroom class
--by 1:00, I had been serenaded by a student (thanks, Adam!) and gotten a birthday card signed by 15 students
--by 2:00, I had been sung to by another class of 20 students
--by 8:00, when I got home and checked facebook, I had 20 or so messages from friends and family

Note to self: don't let another birthday slip by, hoping someone will know and remember and pass the word on. Why waste a day full of so many hugs, chocolate opportunities, and full out glory?

Note to you: try it for your next birthday. It's way fun.


Anonymous said...

I am suprised that this birthday blog has no responses it is - how many days since your birthday...may all your days be special, as special as you you sooooooomuch. mom

Thad G said...

Apparently age doesn't bring spell-check. What is "widom"?

Just kidding, love ya Kir.