Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow Day Adventures

So did you know that teachers LOVE to be awoken unexpectedly at 5:30 by a phone call? It can only mean one thing: snow day. I still don't know why I got the whole day off and Clint only got a two hour delay, but I am SO GLAD I got to stay home today.
I started my morning off right by sleeping in until the decadent hour of 8:30, then got up and made oatmeal with apples for Jared and myself (his request), drank a few cups of coffee and read for about an hour, and then tackled a job I was saving for the weekend--with dread. Taking down the Christmas decorations and doing a thorough cleaning. Usually the kids (and sometimes Clint) pitch in with cleaning and we get it done in about an hour, but, you know--they don't move things when they dust and sweep, they don't wash the floors on their hands and knees. I worked all day, finishing up maybe 15 minutes after they got home at 3:30, and now my legs are aching!
Who knew that a snow day would be so much work?
But I moved the kitchen table to Lauren's room for her to use as a vanity table and moved her chair up into the "library"--so now I have a cozy spot to sit and read while dinner bakes--which I did this evening. All very lovely. I like decorating the house for Christmas, but it's just so much more STUFF than I usually have sitting out. Now it looks less cluttered, less sparkly, and definitely less dusty.
I can't wait to go back to school tomorrow and RELAX! ;) But I'm rewarding myself with the thought that on Saturday, I WON'T be cleaning. That's something to be very happy about.

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snood said...

Wonderful snow days. I wonder what they are like? I haven't had one in a v--ery long time! But way to go on getting your Christmas cleaning done ahead of schedule. Course, I cleaned up the upstair within 5 minutes of everyone being gone--it was quite a mess. (Course not from your family!)
But Christmas stuff is still up, so you have beaten me to the punch.
High five!