Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Clint has already promised to be my encouragement partner, but I want to get you guys in on it too.

I have decided that my belly has become too protuberant and other parts between my waist and my knees have become too jiggly. Mostly since the holidays, really. This summer, I was running regularly and pretty happy with my body. But alas, I can't say no to cookies and truffles. So to fend off the despair of having to buy a bigger size of jeans, I have decided to be more proactive than I have been this fall/winter and stop it before it happens.

Here is my plan:

1) Say no to dessert. Only allow myself one (small) dessert each week. (Killer, I know)

2) Work out REGULARLY (alternate running on treadmill and weights/lunges/crunches).

3) Cut down on cream/sugar in coffee--but don't get too drastic. It's not THAT jiggly.

4) Limit my portion size: say no to seconds.

5) Gift myself with 5 chocolate chips every day (dark chocolate doesn't count as dessert--it's medically proven to be good for me).

6) Keep written record of weight and workouts.

7) See (and feel) results by spring break.

If you see me, and I have cake in my mouth, please take it away. I don't need it. And ask me how my working out is going. And you can tell me I look GOOD if you want to--if I do. But you don't have to lie.

Also, I saw this picture of myself from Christmas time, and I'm starting to get the saggy stuff under my chin (I think) (or maybe I am holding my head weird and it was just a crazy double chin). Anybody know how to firm up the under-chin sag? Your help is desperately needed! Weigh in (no pun): tell me what you think.


David said...

I don't think your chin looks funny at all. Nor your tummy. That being said, I just ran across a picture of you with long hair. How about we make that a resolution this year, eh?

ACW said...

I agree with David...though I always applaud resolutions to be healthier in body and mind. But in regards to the former, another important tip is to cut out diet sodas (or just soda) in favor of water. Diet soda really does in many ways keep you from being at your best. Not that I'm great about this...but I do go long stretches and it makes a difference.