Friday, January 16, 2009

Making choices

Does it count as a snow day if you're home because of cold weather and not excessive snow? Not that I'm complaining about having two extra days off before the long weekend ahead. I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. Yesterday was pretty much a repeat performance of Saturday--lots of reading with a side trip out to some craft stores for supplies. This weekend Alli, Mom and I are making baby shower invitations.

But today, after I finished my book, I got busy and did something I can blog about with a modicum of pride. During Christmas break, I had this great idea for a new purse, one that I can sew but still use in the winter without worrying about getting damp. Think about this: the outside is clear vinyl. Beneath it is some cute fabric, but the cleaning ease of vinyl is alluring, no matter the season. So I got some fabric and 1/2 yard of vinyl and was all set to go. Last night, I cut out the pieces and sewed the handles. Today, I started sewing.

Got a few pieces done, just interior pockets. Can't have enough of those! (No vinyl yet) Then, I sewed my first piece with vinyl. It worked okay, but the thread bunched up a little. My nerves started to jangle a bit. I hate to waste, and it would break my heart to get the purse half done and have to quit because my idea just wouldn't work.

I sewed another little piece, a side pocket that needed to be covered in vinyl, and in four inches, the thread broke three times! I knew I needed to rethink my project. If I continued to use the vinyl, I might end up either scrapping the thing entirely, miserable with a headache from squinting at ripped out seams, or carrying a horrible looking purse around a few times out of a sense of wounded pride. I couldn't do it to myself. I had to compromise.

So I continued with my project, sans vinyl. Yes, I gave up on my genius idea. I had no choice, really. But I haven't totally abandoned my plan. I think it CAN work, but I'm going to consult the experts (mom and sewing friend Donna) for advice--see if I can make it work another way.

But anyway, I finished early this afternoon. Here's the finished product. Still pretty cute, but don't look too closely at my seams. ;)


E-Beth said...

I stand - I mean sit - in awe. Very nice work - even without the vinyl.

ccpl said...

love it! have you checked out yet?

also love the walls ~ is this your house?

Kir said...

Thanks, guys. Yeah, Carmen. I'm thinking I should put some of my cards and purses on etsy. I love that site! I could browse for hours...And the walls are in my upstairs hallway. It's textured wallpaper! Weird, huh?

Gretch said...

Even more beautiful than when I first saw it. You still amaze me!

David said...

All I read of that blog was purse, blah, vinyl, blah, sew, blah... so I don't have much to comment on.