Saturday, July 31, 2010

What I'm Up To

These are petits pains du chocolat, something like what we had in Jamaica. Imagine, please, that the coffee beans are brewed. I drank my entire cup before thinking to snap a picture. The recipe is linked to the picture, and they are delicious, simple, and decadent. A perfect breakfast treat or mid-morning snack (Clint ate two) (the pig).

Jared's been practicing his technique for scaring geese away. Imagine him hissing at you. It scares me, so it should work quite well on a certain goose we know.

And I'm still working on making birthday cards. I've gotten caught up on July, finished August and all but one September, and am weaseling my way into October. But you see how difficult it is to be the product of a family as big as mine--and married to one even larger! These are (mostly) just immediate family, people! It's ridiculous(ly fun).

And this is what I'm listening keep me motivated and feeling creative. And feeling artistic and cultured. (Did you know Gustav Holst taught music for 30 years at a school outside London, even when he was crazy famous?) (That's dedication).

So that's my plan for this rain-threatening day. I've got to get through December at least before we go back to (gulp) school. So I'll stop distracting myself by blogging.
I'm going now.

Yes, right now. Diving back in.

Maybe I should have one more pain au chocolat. For inspiration, of course.


my2fish said...

2 thoughts:

apparently both sides of your family need to work on having April babies - that's a pretty empty month.

and do you really make yourself a birthday card?

cheers, thad

Kir said...

2 answers:

Clearly, neither side really should produce any more babies. My list is too long as is. But you're right: April babies would balance things out.

I don't make myself a birthday card. Maybe I should start! Thanks for giving me more to do.

cheers back at you

my2fish said...

I'm not giving you any more to do -- you're the one with your own name on the birthday card list.

I'm just saying...

Tammy said...

Pains du chocolat looks delicious. I could have used Jared's scary hissing when we left mom & dad's after the reunion. Apparently the geese really wanted us to leave.