Monday, July 20, 2009

Kids' Day

Clint and I both have our birthdays in early June, and between birthdays, Mother's Day and Father's Day, it's really not surprising that Lauren and Jonah realized at an early age that something stinky was up.
It happened a few years ago. "Mom," Lauren asked, "when's Kids' Day?"
"What, honey?" I was probably busy doing something, not really paying attention.
"Kids' Day," she repeated, so patiently. (It makes me sad sometimes to realize how often I require my kids to be patient with me.)
Finally she got my attention and I turned to face her. "Kids' Day?"
"Well, there's a Mother's Day and a Father's Day. When's Kids' Day?"
She finally got through to my clouded brain. "Well, sweetie, there isn't one. Just one for Mommies and one for Daddies."
"Why not one for kids?" she asked.
Why not, indeed. Clint didn't need any persuading whatsoever, and that afternoon found us sitting in the living room explaining to Lauren and Jonah that there WAS a Kids' Day, conveniently falling in July, on which kids got presents and didn't have to do any jobs.
I don't think the "no jobs" part of the deal was nearly as enticing as the "presents" part. Still isn't.
So today marked our fifth annual Kids' Day. It's funny how often July 20 has found us on vacation...once we were camping, once in Virginia, once at Camp Arcadia. But this year we were home.
Here is how the day went:

Wake up to find daddy gone, so we had to wait till he got home (around noon) to open presents.

And they were very tempting...

I think Jared liked his present (ONE of the dart guns; the other is Jonah's)

Sit down to a nice diner, and then daddy and Jonah left to go fishing (caught three fish!), Lauren and her friend Chloe made popcorn and went downstairs to watch a movie, and mommy introduced Jared to Star Wars (or Star Whores, as Jared calls it).

It was a good day, I think.

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