Sunday, July 12, 2009

Art in the Park

I am so glad I persuaded my new good friend to try a different day. Glad she drove. Glad we pulled in a few more friends. Glad I went. To Plymouth's Art in the Park, that is. I just love art fairs, but I haven't been to one in years upon years.

I met a few designers of cards and jewelry who have etsy shops (like her or her) and who were so friendly when I told them about mine. Even though it was hot and sweaty, it was fun to share Jessica's croissant stuffed with Nutella and Lisa's roasted garlic baguette when we felt munchy and get a coffee (even though I was roasting) at the Plymouth Coffee Bean Co. And Lori gave me a few bites of her kettle corn, too. So friendly. So giving, all of them.

So here's what I got. The typewriter key earrings are for Lauren for Kids' Day (a Genthner family creation and tradition--July 20, if you're interested. Just like Mother's Day or Father's Day: the kids get presents and royal treatment), so pretend you don't know anything. And the Empire State Buildings are for me. They're made out of antique buttons! How cool is that. And the sticknymph business card: that's a promise. I'm going to get something from her etsy soon as I pick out my favorite from the multitudes of cute things. And she's inspired me to take off on a new design for card making. WHEN WILL IT EVER STOP?

I think that's why I like art fairs: I come home just itching to create.

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alli michelle said...

That is great, I wish I'd gone. We're going to the art fair in Ann Arbor today, though, so I'll get my fix :)