Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Grand Adventure

Today, Jared and I were on our own: Clint and Jonah went to help Clint's brother with his house, and Lauren was at a sleepover, so Jared and Mommy decided to go on a 'venture. It was such a nice day, I had to do a little laundry first and hang it out on the line, but we got going around 10.

Here was our first stop: Jackson Coffee Company, my favorite local coffee shop. I got an Almond Joy Mocha and a white chocolate biscotti. Jared chose a cinnamon biscotti with dark chocolate icing. We were a few miles down the highway when he said, "Mommy, look at my hands." Yeah, what was I thinking, getting him something with chocolate icing? He had it ALL OVER his hands and face. I tossed him a few napkins and took the broken biscotti from him, then pulled into the nearest rest area. A few minutes later, we were back on the road.

We pulled off the highway, and I trusted my instincts and memory of the mapquest directions to find our primary destination: the Viking Sewing Center. I drove past it the first time and had to call my computer guru (thanks, Ilona) for the street address, but we finally made it. The store is AWESOME! They have loads of Amy Butler and Moda and Art Gallery fabrics, along with lots of others. Look at this fabric!
So we spent a LONG time there, and Jared was very good. He kept dragging me back to look at the shark fabric and the zebra fabric, but eventually I found what I wanted. I went in there looking for fabric to cover the seats of two chairs, one for the dining room and one for my bedroom. I came out with those, along with fabric to make a new skirt, a scarf, and an apron. (sigh). It was so lovely.

Then we headed out for Arborland to meet my friend JJ, who lives in the area. We wasted time (and a few dollars) at Old Navy and Border's, then ate lunch at Potbelly. Jared dove right into his sandwich, and kept himself so busy eating, JJ and I had plenty of time to catch up. Then we got ice cream at Cold Stone (Jared said he wanted green--and then begged for a gumball as I was paying) and he got ice cream all over his arms and the chair while JJ and I talked some more.

After I had cleaned him up, we decided we ought to do something fun for Jared, so we headed over to Gallup Park. Really, we should have known: it was a gorgeous day and the park was packed. There was not one parking space available. We drove around for maybe 5 minutes before giving up. By that time, Jared was sound asleep, so I just headed home.

<- That's the fabric I finally decided on. All told, it was a very grand adventure, and when we got home, the weather was still nice, so I started painting the chair for my bedroom (white--and I'm going to distress it), then I went for a run (pushing Jared in the stroller). Then we ate dinner, took a bath, and went to Jo-Ann to get thread and a zipper for my sewing projects. Maybe I'll have a chance to get started tomorrow!


Gretch said...

Awesome Kir! It sure did look like a sweet adventure, with so many good benefits!! Good job.

David said...

Biscotti, fabric, blah, blah, blah... let me know if I missed something. :)

Thad G said...

I missed the part where a fabric store is an adventure for a small boy. :)

Kir said...

Oh STOP IT. He loves fabric.