Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Letter of Resignation

Dear Kir,
I know. I know. I'm supposed to give you two weeks notice, but sometimes it is sweet to be spontaneous, and I always try to be one or the other. Sweet or spontaneous, that is. Occasionally, I simultaneously succeed at both. Not often, though.

And now for the notice:

Despite my fervent and repeated assurances both to you, dear self, and to the world around me, I have succumbed to the worldly pressure and (sigh. gasp. horrified shaking of the head.) opened a facebook account.

I know. I know.

I never thought I would do it either. I thought my fortitude know...more fortitudinal. But after a long conversation this afternoon with an erstwhile friend (who has just within the past ten hours reversed her state of erstwhile-ness to current-hood) (her name is Jennifer) (last name Jackson), I became convinced to recant my previously stated intent to never--not even if I faced a firing squad--join the legion of people who are addicted to this friend making/friend sharing device.

Which I consider to be merely one more ploy to distract me from reading.

As blogging is doing right now.

And so, dear self, I am finished talking to you. Which was weird and somewhat contrived anyway. And talk to my blog readers:

You can become my friend on facebook, if you're not already, and join the bevy of 13 whole friends I currently have. Without even really trying that hard.

Including one REALLY erstwhile friend, whom I am most pleased to have found again. Especially since she lives in Texas. And that is really far away.


Thad G said...

I'm counting the hours until a certain someone (with the initials DLH) emails me to let me know that ANOTHER family member has joined facebook.

Fuzz on a duck.

Kir said...

It's like announcing a free bullet giveaway right outside the US military arsenal. Sorry.

Ron Samul said...

Dear Commentator,
Remember that time you commented on a website that looked cool but turned out to be a neo-nazi front? Remember the time you wrote a really long comment to your favorite writer and they issued a restraining order for you? I think it is time to put more thoughtful posts up to the people that mean the most to you, and leave the rest of the world alone. So leave something really sincere and honest that Kir will understand and see you and your friendship in a whole new way. Think of something... think...