Monday, February 23, 2009

I Still Exist

But barely.
Never have I been so busy with papers to grade. And I feel like I finish one set and go to bed at peace only to wake up the next morning and go to school and face the continued deluge.
But I have clawed my way to the top of the pile long enough to wave and say a strangled hello before I am pulled back under the surface.
Here are some thoughts I've had lately:
1) Diet and exercise plans are good and all, but when I can fit into just about all my clothes with marginal effort, maybe a cookie here and there is not such a bad thing. Neither is skipping exercising. Especially when I have discovered that the mysterious mark on my big toenail is probably a fading bruise owing to the too-small tennies I bought last spring because they didn't have my size in the same cute color.
2) When I am busy doing my job and grading papers, I don't have time to read, and a life without books pretty much sucks.
3) I miss blogging and feel slight periodic twinges of guilt for my negligence.
4) Winter is taking too blasted long and I'm tired of wearing sweaters and thick socks. I really want to break out my flip flops.
5) The next installment of "The Heart of the House" is coming soon. Maybe tomorrow. Unless the kiddos decide to turn in their papers early. If that's the case, maybe next week.
Love and thanks for your patience.

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