Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Thrill of the New

So we're having a party tomorrow to celebrate my graduation from Western Connecticut State University with an MFA in Professional Writing. Woo-hoo! (By the way, it's currently the only program available that offers a degree in Professional Writing, providing a realistic balance between pracital writing--read: something you can make a living doing and creative writing-- what we writers all want to do). Anyway, we are having this party, and since most of our friends have kids, we need something for the chi'ren to do.

And I had a great idea, so I set the husband right to work on it.

Clint cleaned out the garage and borrowed a multimedia projector and hung a white sheet on the wall. Voila! Instant movie theater. Right now, it's gotta be about 15 degrees hotter in the garage than it is in the house, but guess where our kids are? Yup. In the garage, watching a movie they've seen 147 times--Willow.

Where will they be tomorrow night? In the garage. Watching another movie. With 15 other kids and 10 bags of microwave popcorn. Come on over if you're not busy. We've got wine and cheese for the adults...or you can pop into the garage and sprawl out with the kids. I think they're going to watch Ice Age.


Stacy said...

Congrats on the graduation! Very cool! And the movie night + wine sounds lovely.

jen said...

Why on earth are you having a party on the same day that i am going to see Rod Stewart?
Happy Gradumatation!!

Kir said...

Thanks, ladies. I hope it is a fun party. Jen, have a great time with Rod Stewart. Makes me think of the kitchen at Camp Arcadia. Let me know if you see Jan.

gretch said...

Well, well-it is going to be a tough decision between which fun party event to attend. Perhaps I will venture and explore both options you have, cause technically I am still a kid, at heart! I am certain to be there!

Ron Samul said...

Sorry I couldn't make it... but we all know how hard you have been working and what it means for you to be a professional writer. Personally, you have been a mentor, an honest critic, and a dedicated friend. I know how much your family and husband means to you and I wish I could have flown in to celebrate(I love Willow). Congrats from the East Coast. - RON