Sunday, August 24, 2008

Contest Announcement

We interrupt the regularly scheduled blog posts to bring you
this important message from our sponsor.

I’m looking for quirky, absurd ideas for tabloid headlines, and your contribution could be a winner!

The contest will have two, possibly three winners, and top prizes are as follows: first prize, your headline featured in upcoming story by me; second prize, your headline featured in upcoming story by me; third prize (if I decide there is one), your headline featured in upcoming story written by me.

The story: something about a guy with a parasitic twin roaming around under his epidermis (skin, to the layman). That’s all I’m gonna say for now.

Chances of winning: pretty good

Got multiple submissions? Bring ‘em on!

Submission deadline: sooner the better


Ryan Haskell said...

Man Has More Than An Itch Under His Skin

Ryan Haskell said...

Brother Gets Under His Skin

Kir said...

Maybe I should clarify my idea. I'd like to hear ideas for OTHER articles. The headlines you came up with, Ryan, would be great for the main article, but I need ideas for other non-related articles that my character will bypass to read the article about the man with the absorbed twin.

Ron Samul said...

That seems very google-able... like this one...

"Trams Called Safe Despite Accidents, Deaths"--headline, Prague Post, March 24

Be well... RON