Thursday, January 2, 2014

Little Things for Little Girls

I have three young nieces who love to draw and create. Each of them is a talented artist, and whenever we visit, I catch them drawing. This year for Christmas, I made each of them a little notebook to keep track of her drawings. Each one is small enough to tuck into a little purse or backpack and take along on car rides or other ventures when a time for drawing might present itself.

I used a modified (read: smaller and simpler) version of the technique I used in this project, and I used an upcycled cracker box for each notebook's cover. This will make the notebooks much more sturdy--a must for young artists (and older artists too!). I lined the inside of each notebook with a sheet of colorful paper (sorry, no pictures) and then decorated each notebook with a simple line drawing.

The girls loved their notebooks and began drawing in them right away. I love being able to create and give simple, thoughtful gifts, and these certainly fit the bill.

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