Monday, August 12, 2013

R2D2 Dress

A few weeks ago, Lauren asked me to make her an R2D2 dress. I'm always up for a challenge, but of course, I had a few sewing projects of my own lined up. I made her a deal: if she paid for the fabric and cut it out, I'd do the sewing. That way, I'd have some time while she puttered around to finish my own project.
We chose a simple pattern, a sheath, which I had made some years before as a dress for myself.

We picked up 2 yards (just to be safe) of a nice white bottom weight fabric with a little bit of stretch. Lauren cut out the pieces for the dress and then studied a picture of R2D2 carefully to decide what size and shape to cut her pieces of colored fabric to make his signature markings. She used cotton in black, red, and blue for these pieces, and I attached those to the piece for the dress front using a simple narrow zigzag stitch before assembling the dress.
Sewing the dress was simple; it's just basically a front and back, with facings around the neck and armhole edges. Attaching the facings was somewhat problematic, as I believe someone (ahem...the One Who Cut the Pieces) may have measured and cut the pattern pieces incorrectly, but after a brief visit with Madame Seam-Ripper and another inch or so added to some newly-cut-out facings, the dress was done.

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