Saturday, April 10, 2010

Something new

After browsing (okay: I'll be honest, drooling) over Helen Dardik's watercolors like this one above, especially, I decided to try my hand again at watercolor.

Also, I know full well that my forsythia have not much time left in this world (don't tell them , please), so I'll need a replacement on my mantel--and I'd much rather make something or repurpose it than buy something. I'm a pincher that way. Here is what I made:

That nice little girl wants to share her sushi. Isn't she kind?

And who wouldn't want a whale for a balloon? Imagine how fun that would be.

And this poem by ee cummings always makes me feel warm and springy inside. This one's going over the mantel in the living room for sure. Not sure yet where the others will go.
But today, I've got my watercolors set out, happy music on pandora, and I'm ready to go. If only the boys will stop begging for an outing to the bookstore (jonah) and the toy store (jared). Maybe daddy can stop chopping wood long enough to take them...
PS: I know my pics are darkish and smallish. Working on my photographic techniques too. Drrgg.

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Anonymous said...

seriously? you are good at everything you do!