Thursday, March 25, 2010

Poetry Day Three

Today, we talked about using vivid language, and we read this poem by TS Eliot (one of my favorite poets: have you read "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"? Do it.) and this poem by Sharon Olds and this poem by Emily Dickinson.
Then we all wrote poems using vivid language. Here is mine:

on the edge of sight I see
a flag of red
like flame or a tongue
Startled I turn
and see double

they have returned
carved a path through
limpid air cracking
their way north to an earth
still shivering
still dead

they bring something with
them, grasped wriggling in their
it looks like hope

they pause at my window
deign to glance in at me
blink their yellow eyes
and lift their sharp beaks
to the sky to launch
their primeval cry sky-

they pass on
beating occasional wings
the sticks of their twig/legs
bending farewell
the wrong way

i settle back against my chair
waiting (hopeful) for their return

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