Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some very randomness

Usually Friday nights are my bleary evenings, the pent up energy of a workweek finally given permission to release itself in a cloudy burst of something that seems like satisfaction. But for whatever reason (maybe because of that blessed/blasted snow day yesterday), tonight feels like a Friday night. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the wine.
I am sitting here before my computer wishing I had something to talk about so that I could sound witty and slightly funny, but all I'm able to muster is a slightly (no, it's a worrisomely) deflated weariness.
But this has been a week of learning for me, and a week of great strides. Here is my week in review, in reverse order:
1. Last Friday, I screwed my courage to the sticking place and stopped complaining about [that thing] at work that has really bothering me. And I talked to [that person] about it in a rather calm and articulate (okay, mostly nervous and shaky) but very passionate way. I haven't heard yet whether my plea had any effect, but it was made and that is something. I have since only complained about [that thing] hmm, well, maybe I'm not done complaining, but I still feel pretty empowered.
2. Lolly, a blogger I stalk (I mean read regularly) gave me great inspiration for card making, and I made somethings that were very beautiful. If you haven't read her blog, stop reading mine and go to hers. It's much more funny. And she puts a lot more pictures on hers. And I must say, posting MORE pictures than I post on my blog is not a difficult feat. You only need two and you win.
3. I discovered and Barlow Girl. Well, that's a bit of a lie. I KNEW both existed, but I hadn't fallen in love with either. Now I am. In love. Especially with Barlow Girl. This is the song I love: Never Alone. Go to playlist or something and listen to it. If you don't love Jesus, you can pretend they're talking about love. It works, kinda.
4. This is why I love bing. If you search for videos, and then you hover your mouse over one of the little image thingies, it starts to play the video. But it's tiny. That is very cool. I like tiny things. Like babies and small hearts cut out of paper.
5. I also like wine. And chocolate.
6. Another thing I did on bing: find wallpaper. I have always been one of those "I use cute pictures of my kids for my computer wallpaper" sorts of people. No longer. (Sorry, kids. Mommy loves you. She just loves bing more.) And I found a cool picture of people in Paris in the 1940s or something sitting at a cafe. You find it too! Go to bing and search under images for "Paris Cafe Wallpaper." Scroll past the pictures of Paris Hilton and other ladies in their undies and you'll find this lovely picture. It's the wallpaper on my laptop.
7. And today at school (on my prep hour, of course, whilst I was multi-taskingly also grading Creative Writing papers), I found this really neat wallpaper for my computer there. Okay, well, I wanted to show you, but bing is feeling stinkery, so I'm not going to deal with him anymore. Not now.
8. Began groundwork for another article for [that magazine] I've been writing for. (Okay, I've only done one other article so far, but still. It sounds very cool).
9. I heard about something very interesting at Jonah's Science Fair tonight: a liquor luge. I don't know what it is, but I'll find out tomorrow. And, by the way, did I mention Jonah got a First Place ribbon for his art project "Ninja Mask" with other Japanese instruments of death (origami construction) as well as a First Place Ribbon for his science project "Which Paper Airplane Will Fly Farthest?" He got a medal for that too. We have no idea what all those ribbons and the medal signify. But still, they seem pretty cool.
10. My favorite writer friend, the one who is most inspriational, genius, creative, ambitious, and bald, and I embarked on a top-secret CREATIVE PROJECT. Tonight. That's when it all began to unfold. While I was grading papers/drinking wine/listening to my new favorite group (that would be Barlow Girl, in case you forgot about that part already). And we've already got the first TWO PARTS DONE.

Addendum to #7: Just tried bing again. Maybe it's my computer's fault. Since I got her back from the shop, she's been tetchy. Poor girl. All her parts were exposed and analyzed and reformed. I wouldn't like me either. But we will need to do some lessoning. She can't keep moving words around on me and refusing to load my bing.

So that's what I've been up to, and now it's my bedtime. Happy dreamings.


Quentin said...

I'm guessing the liquor luge that I've seen before is similar to what you are talking about. The one I saw was pretty much a block of ice with grooves in it and something to act as a spout at the end so that you can catch the liquor in your mouth. You'd then pour the liquor in at the top, it would cool as it made its way down the ice shoot, and by the time it reached your mouth at the other end, it should be nice and cold.

Kir said...

That's exactly what it was. I didn't try it, though: too undignified and too much risk of getting booze on my favorite green t-shirt. :)