Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Cup Overfloweth

Photo courtesy of Tough Pigs

The good thing about potty training Jared is that I didn't have to do it. (Ah, the glorious ladies at his child care center. How I adore them.) Aside from a few accidents, he is totally trained and has been for a few months. In fact, he is so independent, he doesn't even tell us when he is going to the bathroom. I know when I hear a flush. Even #2 is done solo.
So Sunday, as I was making my cards, lost in the glorious haze of paper craft, I was totally unprepared for Jonah's "MOOOM!" shout from the bathroom. You know: the one that is drawn out in horror. That one. I dropped my favorite pen and ran.
At first I thought Jared had been playing in the sink. Something I've caught him doing before. The kid likes water. It's usually a harmless mess. Not so harmless this time.
The rugs were soaked. So soaked, when I stepped on the nearest one, it squelched. That's when I noticed the clothes on the floor. Also soaked. Jared had on a new pair of Elmo undies (which weren't soaked). I sloshed across the floor and found the toilet water suspiciously cloudy and a handful of drowned looking beanie babies sprawled on the floor nearby.
"Jared, what did you do?" I sighed. But I think I already knew.
"I went poops, mom." He looked so proud of himself, I couldn't get mad. Not at him.
I sent Jonah down to find a bucket as I reconstructed the event. That's when I noticed the sodden pile of slightly soiled toilet paper IN THE BATHTUB. I don't want to speculate about how that got there.
Judging by the color and general purity of the water on the floor, I'm pretty sure (I really hope) that Jared flushed at least once before he decided to teach his beanies and outfit and shoes to swim in the toilet. At some point, an entire box of wipes and a whole roll of toilet paper were inserted there as well and then removed. Flushing likely occurred as well. Thus the soaked rugs.
So there I was on Mother's Day cleaning up possible fecal matter in the bathroom, dumping dripping beanie babies and clothes and wipes into buckets to be washed or tossed. And Clint couldn't figure out why I wasn't happy to see him when he finally came in to help AFTER the bathroom was clean again. Silly man.


Tammy said...

Oh the joys of motherhood! And oh so lucky to get out of potty training. Well at least with #3.
I'm off work for the rest of the week (yea!) and we're on a mission to get Josie into big girl undies by Sunday! She's excited too.

Kir said...

Good luck.

Ilona said...

just as funny written! still snickering....

jen said...

Hey! I know you are a busy Mama! Just wanted to say Congrats to Lauren! I cannot believe she's getting confirmed already! Gah! Where does the time go?

Anonymous said...

I was making your Mother's Day DINNER!

I think.

Anonymous said...

No, you were doing yard work.