Saturday, September 20, 2008

Notice is served

You know how sometimes you get one of those reply emails when someone's out of the office for a vacation or business trip or something? I just want all my faithful readers to have advance notice that my blog may take one of those vacations for the ENTIRE month of November.
Why, you ask? Well, as you may not know, November is National Novel Writing Month. And a challenge has been issued to anyone who likes to write to produce a 50,000 word novel between midnight on Nov 1 and midnight on Nov 30.
I've decided to take up the challenge. I have a vague idea swimming around in my brain that might become my main plot, but aside from that, I've done no other thinking or writing related to this new novel. It's going to be completely cold turkey.
I'll try to post updates on my progress, and I challenge all of you to try it out too. What a relief December 1 will be for all of us, eh?


jen said...

I have always been interested in this, but don't really have 50,000 words to say about any one thing.
Good luck to you though. I hope you let some read what you've written when your done!

gretch said...

Kir, email me the information on the thing. Very interested!

Ron Samul said...

I am throwing into this thing -- watch out... I brining the big guns... novel in a month? Try in two weeks... just kidding... a month is fine. I am going to re-live our thesis semester - without the degree on the line or the OMG.
Be Well RON

E-Beth said...

You are an inspiration to us all! What an awesome challenge. Unfortunately, I will not be writing anything as exciting as a novel during the month of October - not with grant deadlines due! Maybe we could set up our own writing challenge for January....say a collection of short stories or poetry?